Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone floors must be maintained properly to avoid damage to the stone surface. Many common household cleaners can permanently damage natural stone, leaving dull etch marks or white marks in the stone. Oftentimes, restoring the stone back to its original condition requires a professional restoration process.

Restoring marble, granite, limestone, travertine or other natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or other damage from the surface of the stone. A mechanical abrasion process known as diamond grinding allows us to grind your stone back to perfection. The grinding process is normally used to remove “lippage” from a stone floor, which occurs normally during the installation process where one tile is installed slightly higher or lower than an adjacent tile creating a “lip.”

After honing, polishing, and sealing is complete, your natural stone will look good as new. Contact us today to learn more about our natural stone cleaning processes and what we can do for you!